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How long does it take to cut a Key?

The most common cylinder keys(Yale) can be done in a matter of a couple of minutes. Mortice lock keys can take around 5 minutes as they need to be filed down.


The actual key cutting process is very simple and quick, however as there are now so many brands and different profiles of keys, locating the correct blank key can be t he most time consuming part of the process.

My Key looks differentfrom the original, will it still work?

Sometimes the Original key will have a more unusual shape than just the standard circular outline. This part of the key has no effect on the working of the lock. As long as the "teeth" of the key are correct it will work no problem.

Why are you using a file on my new mortice key?

The procedure of cutting a mortice lock key means that the edge of your new key can be very sharp as well as having small parts of metal on it. Filing the key will smooth the edges as well as ensuring there are no small parts of metal left which could potentially fall into the lock.

My key doesn't work, can I return it?

Absolutely. If you have any issues with your key at all then pop them back in and we can have a look at them for you.

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